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Hi there! My name is Professor Bananas, and this is a portal for free homeschool resources for elementary and middle school kids!
There are many free math printables, geography lessons and printables, US government lesson and printables, and more coming soon as time permits! Please check my categories above, and check back often for updates below!

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Just a quick update that sections 6 & 7 have been added to the US Government section ... more to come as The Republic section is almost complete!

Hello! I have been away for awhile now, but am back on to updating, since it seems more people are visiting! I have just updated US Government with the next lesson, and hope to keep adding more in over the next few weeks. If you are finding Prof. Bananas & Kid Learn helpful, please drop me a line of encouragement, and I will keep adding more!

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KidLearnOnline is now on YouTube! Join Professor Bananas and his friend Bumbles as they help explain math concepts for kids in colorful and fun animated segments. Great for homeschool or homework help!
The first episode is all about comparing numbers - get your little ones "Feeding the alligator" with greater than, less than, and equal to!

I have just added the Bill of Rights section and workbook page to US Government.  Will be continuing to add more to the Republic section over the next couple weeks!

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