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Welcome to Kid Learn with Professor Bananas!

Hi there! My name is Professor Bananas, and I am here to take you on a great adventure around this amazing place we call Earth!

Ever wonder about how the continents formed? How does the US government work? What about a new, fun game to practice multiplication tables with?
Well, I am adding in answers to these questions and more! If you like to make lapbooks, interactive flapbooks, or just doing things in a step-by-step lesson, check my sections out and start your learning adventure!
So, pick a category below and I will be your personal tour guide through a series of lessons about our great planet that we call home!

Play the latest Math Games!

More Cool Stuff!

Grammar Games
A selection of printable grammar games and resources for kids to play and learn. Online games coming soon!

MathMath, algebra, and geometry printables and resources.
Fun, interactive formula lessons for easy learning - especially for those that say they "hate math!" - are Coming Soon!

US Government

Featuring reading lessons on various parts of the US Government.

Featuring reading lessons on North American Geography, land forms, and more!


Interactive World Music Lessons are coming soon!

Latest News

I have been upgrading the site and changing things around a little bit.  I hope you enjoy the new design.  Additionally, I am adding in NEW online free math practice games in the Math Games section, so please check those out!  I am designing the games on the site to be non-stressful, non-timed games because my son struggled with the time pressure and fast pace of many math games when he was younger.  I wanted a calmer selection to choose from, because kids like to play games, but not everyone has the competitive, fast spirit for a fast paced game.
Thanks for your visit!

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